Velasco is based in London and ensures that it remains linked to Citizens

Until 5 October, the former presidential candidate and founder of the Ciudadanos party, Andrés Velasco, will remain in London.

As announced by La Tercera, the former finance minister and ex-candidate for senator joined the dean of the newly opened Public Policy Institute of the London School of Economics (LSE) on Monday 17 September, so that he and his wife , the journalist Consuelo Saavedra and her three children moved to the English capital last week to spend the national holidays and to carry out their first work in the prestigious study house.

And as confirmed yesterday by Saavedra, who is a member of the board of TVN on behalf of the employees of the channel, the couple and their children will be based in London.

"Sometimes life changes unexpectedly, perhaps some people have read that my husband has a new job in London, it's a unique opportunity, especially for our children, which is why we decided to leave Chile outside To start living, this is something that started taking shape a while ago, but it was confirmed very recently, and I am very sorry that I could not have shared it before, "Saavedra said in a statement. a long time in the concrete, I will continue in Santiago, but in the medium term I will move. I hope – until then – to be able to continue to fulfill my obligations in the channel if this is considered appropriate by my bosses, on the one hand, and your employees, on the other hand ", he added. I would have loved to enter the heart from the inside – and for a long time – to move forward and revisit our beloved public TV. They are also displayed in the directory, a task that is and will remain complex and challenging. There are times, however, when one has to take options. Although the costs are high. "

The economist, his biggest insurance company says, expected three weeks ago that he would become dean at LSE, but he had already noted for some time that he was looking for a position abroad. Indeed, this new academic work would have been one of the reasons why the former minister did not apply for a position within the internal citizen, even though he was offered to be vice-president in the list & # 39; Citizens on foot & # 39 ;, making a process of searching for new faces.

"The new position of Andrés confirms his sincere intention that the party will be in the hands of new leaders," said Magdalena Valdés, the vice-president of the party. Close to Velasco says that one of the goals of the former presidential candidate will be to investigate political electoral issues.

"With Velasco as dean of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, we can internationalize the Citizens project", says Felipe Vergara, a citizen activist who holds on to the former minister's list, which also ensures that the economist stays connected . for the community. "There are many politicians who have gone abroad to perfect themselves and that does not mean that they leave a project that is more vivid than ever, and for citizens it is a plus of Velasco's position," Vergara added.

The departure of Velasco to London takes place in the midst of a Burgers crisis, after the failed internal elections of 18 August and ended with several resignations, including that of Juan José Santa Cruz, one of the founders of the community and who prevailed at the last elections with the "Open Doors" list.

Amidst cross-accusations of fraud, there is to date uncertainty about the future of Ciudadanos Somos Todos. The situation reached the Tricel, a body that has no date to pronounce. The only thing that is clear is that the community has until 8 November to set up its new board and, if that is not the case, the law determines the dissolution of the party.

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