9 functions of the Note 9 that make it the best device in its category

Samsung presents in Colombia the Galaxy Note 9, the best device available to users who want everything and need a team that responds to their work and entertainment requirements. He also announced that the Galaxy Note 9, named as the device with the best screen on the market of DisplayMate, will be available from this week on the Colombian market.

"The Galaxy Note 9 is a device that meets the requirements of Colombian users: large storage capacity, efficient battery life, smart camera, excellent performance and S Pen connected by Bluetooth, making it the best tool to help productivity and entertainment "he commented Patricia Velásquez Martínez, vice president of Samsung Colombia's mobile line.

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What makes this new device so special? Discover the most important nine features:

1. S Pen: a mobile remote control

the S Pen improved from Galaxy Note 9 offers completely new ways in which users can manage their devices and express their creativity. The incorporation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology has it S Pen in a practical and customizable remote control that allows you to easily manage applications and functions (including the camera) from a radius of up to 10 meters Galaxy Note 9

For his part, the means Live drawing and photo drawing of PENUP – a social network developed for Note users to share their creations and designs – provides users with simple tools to create dynamic works of art that showcase their artistic skills.

In addition to working as an intuitive remote control, the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 It also includes compatibility with Samsung DeX, the powerful productivity solution Samsung. The users who have the Galaxy Note 9 to a screen Samsung DeX can use it S Pen to optimize a wide range of tasks, such as creating presentations.

2. Superior performance

All components of the new one Galaxy Note 9 they are designed to provide the technology balance and provide the user with a productivity and entertainment tool with superior performance. The new device is equipped with a 10-nanometer processor that always works at maximum performance thanks to the Water Carbon Collling system with performance adjustment based on artificial intelligence that lowers two degrees of temperature even in the most complex conditions, so the device does not overheat.

3. Powerful memory:

Galaxy Note 9 will be available in Colombia with 128 GB of internal storage and the possibility to insert a microSD card with a maximum capacity of 512GD, giving the user the freedom to store up to 256 films (20 whole days of films), 128,000 songs or 256,000 images .

4. Maximum productivity with Samsung Dex

Samsung DeX, the powerful productivity solution Samsung, it becomes even more versatile in combination with the Galaxy Note 9. The new HDMI adapter is easy to carry and simplifies the use of Samsung Dex. Create more possibilities to enjoy an experience that is comparable to that of a PC at the office, at home or while traveling.

Compatibility with two screens of the solution allows users at the same time in the Galaxy Note 9 and on a connected screen, in addition to using the phone as a touch keyboard, touchpad or touchpad to draw with the S Pen. (It lifts multitasking, screen independence to a new level).

5. Battery for the whole day and more

the Galaxy Note 9 contains a large-scale battery of 4,000 mAh (an increase of 21% over note 8) driven by the cooling system Water Carbon Cooling It increases the thermal conductivity by using carbon fiber materials. With its advanced technology, Samsung is currently the only smartphone manufacturer that uses these types of materials for the cooling system.

6. Smart camera

Through artificial intelligence, the camera of the Galaxy Note 9 Identify objects, scenarios, and time elements of a photo to categorize them into one of the 20 types and apply the ideal color tones. The devices also have Fault Detection to notify users to take another picture in case the eyes of the subject are closed or when the picture is blurred. The lens with dual aperture adapts to the light as the human eye for spectacular shots during the day or during the night.

7. The best multimedia experience on the market

Galaxy Note 9 contains a screen Super AMOLED Infinity Display (6.4 ") that offers a compelling and immersive multimedia experience. The Amoled technology, exclusive Samsung, offers 12 pixels per inch (4 more than OLED), uses less energy, is more sensitive to touch and behaves better when exposed to the sun.

In addition, it is embedded in an elegant aluminum frame from the 7000 series and the fifth generation Gorilla Glass. YouTube appointed the Galaxy Note 9 like a "Signature Device"because of its ability to offer the best experience YouTube in your class. The infinite display of Galaxy Note 9 is complemented by stereo speakers (with AKG settings) and the possibility to offer surround audio Dolby Atmos to get a realistic experience.

Samsung announces the pre-sale of the Galaxy Note 9 in Colombia. Photo: Samsung Colombia.

8. Always connected with SmartThings

the Galaxy Note 9 opens a world of possibilities through the complete ecosystem of devices and services Samsung. With the Galaxy Note 9 and SmartThings You can operate connected devices. With the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung facilitates the enjoyment of music with a new partner for the long term: Spotify. With this alliance you have easy access Spotify to synchronize and transfer music, playlists and podcasts on all products Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch and Smart TV.

9. Galaxy Legacy

The superior technologies of Milky Way come standard in the Note 9: Fast wireless charging, IP68 water and dust resistance and service Samsung like Samsung Health, in addition to the reliable Knox security platform from Samsungas well as biometric security options that scan fingerprints, iris scanning and face recognition resources, to keep important information safe.

Users will be able to reserve the equipment in advance from 24 August www.samsung.com/co/offer in the 128 GB version of storage in the three colors that will be available in Colombia: Ocean Blue (S Pen Yellow), Midnight Black (S Pen Black) and Lavender Purple (S Pen Lavender Purple) for a price of $ 3 999 900.

Likewise, the Galaxy Note 9 will be available from 6 September in all authorized channels: experience stores Samsung, Mobile operators and retail chains.

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