A folding tablet in cylindrical format

The project has been developed at the Queen's University in Canada.

El Human Media Lab, University of Queen (Canada), has the MagicScroll, a flexible electronic tablet in the form of parchment.

It is still a concept in development phaseor that Search explore options as fast as to the future designs of mobile devices.

the MagicScroll It has a collapsible screen that is supported by side wheels. The idea is that if you rotate them, you think a "more natural and infinite" navigation.

In addition, oneI use these wheels while the screen is rolled up, could move through the content in a simple way without touching the screen.


This first prototype has a 7.5-inch screen, divided into two sections, with a 2K resolution.

The cylindrical part is printed in 3D and all electronic components are in it.

For its part, the camera is on one of the wheels and can be used without having to activate the screen.

It would be controlled by gestures, in the style of a Nintendo Wiimote.

On the other hand those who do not want to use the device in its cylindrical form they would have the opportunity to disassemble one of the ends. In this way, the screen becomes flat.

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