Activate the double factor of athenthentication in Fortnite to get the dance Boogie Down "

With the aim of promoting the use of double authentication factor for Fortnite users, Epic Games has announced a reward campaign for those users who activate this feature, and in return debloqueará the new dance available for update V5.30, called "Boogie Down".

Theft of accounts in Fornite

In March this year it was known in different ways that different users were victims of theft of access to their accounts. In a blog post published by Kotaku, there are examples of forums in which the filtered access references are commercialized. On the other hand, users of the game in the Fortnite forum or Epic Games in Spanish claimed that as a result of a security breach cyber criminals had stolen access to their account and had access to information such as bank account number, address and personal details.

To prevent more users from experiencing these kinds of security incidents, Epic Games announced yesterday reward for those who enable double authentication factor in their accounts.

For those who do not know what the double authentication factor is, it is a security measure to protect users' accounts from unauthorized access; a technique implemented by most online services, such as Gmail, Facebook and many others. This way, every time a user wants to enter his account, In addition to your password, you must complete the access with the input of a code which they will obtain according to the authentication method chosen by the user, which can be via e-mail or via the use of an authentication application, such as Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Authy.

To activate the double authentication factor in Fortnite, users must first enter the account settings, select "two-step login" at the end of the page and choose one of the above methods for sending the code.

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