Apple does not just think of iPhones and now writes a new Mac

Apple Inc. will launch a new program cheap laptop and an update of the Mac mini desktop for the professional segment later this year, ending the drought of Mac computers with limited sales of the company's oldest device line, according to people with expert knowledge. plan

The new laptop has one looks like the current MacBook Airbut contains thinner edges around the screen. The screen, which will remain at almost 13 inches, will be a "Retina" version with higher resolution that Apple uses in other products, said the sources, who asked for their identity to be kept in reserve, given that they are products are in development. Apple spokesman, Bill Evans, declined to make statements.

The current MacBook Air, which costs a thousand dollars, is still the only Apple laptop without a screen with a high resolution. The MacBook Air was last updated for the last time with a faster processor option, but has not undergone a major overhaul for several years.

The 12-inch MacBook launched in 2015 was considered a replacement for the MacBook Air, but the original $ 1,300 price set it out of reach for some consumers. The new MacBook Air is intended for consumers who are looking for a cheaper Apple computer, but also for schools that often buy large numbers of laptops.

When Apple releases new Macs in the fall, it often happens in October, after the release of new iPhones. The company plans to introduce three new iPhones, Apple Watches with larger screens and new iPad Pros later this year, other people familiar with the plans said.

Mac recorded a stable sales level, accounting for more than 11 percent of Apple sales through the iPad in the past fiscal year. However, some loyal users have complained that recent updates have not met their professional needs. Apple has tried to solve this problem by launching an advanced iMac Pro and a new MacBook Pro with an updated keyboard and faster processor options.

However, the company said it had sold 3.7 million Macs in the fiscal third quarter of this year, the smallest amount in a quarter since 2010.

And Apple is lagging behind other companies in the education market. Chromebooks, cheaper laptops with Google's Chrome operating system, accounted for 60 percent of devices shipped to American educational institutions from kindergarten to high school in the last quarter of 2017, according to Futuresource Consulting.

"HP and Lenovo launched products with a price similar to MacBook Air, achieved market share and to remain competitive at that price, we believe a change in the form factor is necessary," said Shannon Cross, analyst at Cross Research. "It should help them regain some of their Mac sales, because it gets a bit difficult in terms of their Mac line, because they have clearly paid a lot of attention to the iPhone and the service companies."

Quanta Computer and Hon Hai Precision Industry manufacture the current generation of MacBooks and also make the new generation, according to people familiar with Apple's plans. According to analysts, Apple accounts for about a third of Quanta's earnings.

Apple is also planning the first Mac mini update in about four years. It is a Mac desktop computer that does not contain a screen, keyboard or mouse and costs $ 500. The computer has a good reception for the lower price and is popular with application developers, domestic entertainment centers and server tower managers.

For this year's model, Apple is primarily focused on these professional users, and new storage options and processors will make it more expensive than previous versions, people said.

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