Attentive iPhone users: A simple message can restart the phone

A few simple lines of code are all that is needed to show an unsuspecting iPhone user how your mobile phone is switched off and on again, unable to do anything about it. Worst of all? If we have information without saving, we lose it.

A security researcher, Sabri Haddouche, discovered the defect and shared it on Twitter with a video.

The specialist explained that it is a CSS code, which determines how an HTML code is displayed on the screen.

Any user of iOS or macOS (the operating system of iPhone, iPad and Mac computers) that opens this code will see your device crash immediately & # 39; & # 39; and is switched on again. The reason? The processor can not support the "demand" it receives and is forced to reboot.

Apple has already confirmed that it is aware of this error and is working on a solution. Here the code that causes the computers to restart. How to avoid it? Simple: do not click on links or pages that we do not know. Attentive to jokers' friends.

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