Bloomberg confirms MacBook Air with Retina display and new Mac mini

Apple is launching a new MacBook Air with Retina display and thin edges that resemble the MacBook Pro, says Bloomberg.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Apple will launch new models of its Mac desktops and laptops this year, according to Bloomberg.

The news agency reports the launch of a new laptop with the body of the MacBook Air but with Retina display and thin chamfering. The company Cupertino would also launch a new Mac mini, aimed at professionals such as designers and editors of photography and video.

Apple will launch this new MacBook Air as a method to attract more users looking for a laptop without falling into the trash. The current MacBook Air has a base price of US $ 999 and is the only Apple computer that does not have the Retina display. The 12-inch MacBook has this screen, a more attractive design and more news, but the price starts at US $ 1,199.

The new MacBook Air with slim bevels and Retina display, but with its entry price, would, according to Bloomberg, tempt users looking for an affordable computer and also schools or companies that do wholesale purchases.

The news agency, which is mostly reliable in its reports about Apple, says that the new Mac mini – the line of computers from Apple that has not changed since 2014 – gets an update with new processors and internal storage options, although that will raise the price . currently starting at US $ 500.

Apple announced these two new computers in October, says Bloomberg, a month after the rumors article in September about it iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Apple has not commented on the news agency.

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