Explain why the arrival of the end of the universe should not frighten us

The American expert in cosmology and particle physics Lisa Randall of Harvard University was skeptical about the predictions of various groups of scientists about an abrupt end of the universe. "Maybe it expands to a point where it reaches a complete stasis: there will be no other event," he said on Saturday during his visit to the Geek Picnic Festival in St. Petersburg (Russia).

On the other hand, he said that only a prognosis can be offered in this regard "if we fully understand how the universe is organized today," RIA Novosti quotes him. Moreover, from a practical point of view, he said, this "does not matter to us," because he does not believe "that mankind will stay until that time".

With regard to his own idea of ​​stasis, Randall said it seems unlikely "that we can answer at what point the universe will stop." "You can say that we are lucky [de no poder ver eso]We will not survive until that wonderful moment, "the Harvard professor added.

In his opinion, only the interest in the existence of extraterrestrial life can be fulfilled by means of real observations, and no theories or calculations & # 39; He recalled, however, that modern cosmological theories "allow the probability of potentially inhabitable planets, galaxies, or universes."

The researcher is also skeptical about her assessment of man's ability to know what was in the universe before the Big Bang or the first moments after. According to estimates in the Russian media "even the most interesting and least contradictory hypotheses will not be equivalent to an authentic answer" to this question.

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