Filter details about what the new Apple iPhone would look like

The countdown continues before the launch of the new iPhone from Apple and that is that they get to know each other every day new details about the functions that can be included.

Several analysts stated that they would be three new devices that would come on the market, one of 6.1 inches, another of 5.8 and another one 6.5 inches. Some would even be included Dual SIM mode, allowing you to use two telephone lines at the same time.

This would be the novelties of the new iPhone according to analysts

Each time there is less for September, which will not only yield empanadas, earthquakes or chicha, but also the new Apple iPhone. And as the days pass, different leaks and analyst predictions take shape, raising expectations about what the US company will soon present.

On Wednesday, however, more background information about the new teams appeared in the block Guilherme Rambo, developer and employee of the specialized site 9to5Mac, found new data regarding the future devices of the apple.

Rambo found in an Apple development software information that refers to the most economical phone in the apple, which it would have the same processor as the iPhone 7, a discovery that he made public via Twitter.

The developer, however, continued to tweet and eventually explained that would be four models that Apple would present in September and not three as was believed: a successor to iPhone SE, a model of 6.1 inches with LCD screen and two models with OLED screen 5.8 and 6.5 inches.

The "iPhone SE 2" would have internal components of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plushowever, no details are known about the design or the cameras. To follow the design line of what the first iPhone SE was, It should look like an iPhone 5s and have a compact size.

However, it only concerns rumor and we will have to wait to the Apple presentation to know how the new Apple devices will be this year.

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