Fortnite is fun, but it also destroys pairs of chronicles

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games of the past years, not only because it is a good game in itself, but also because it has attracted an amazing community of users in a very short time. At the moment the video game developed by Epic Games and in which the Chinese giant Tencent has a large share of the shares, more than 150 million players, raises no less than 350 million dollars a month in profit (despite being a free access game) and, as a counterpart, has been one of the triggers of about 200 divorces in the UK.

It is true that the number of couples who have broken their relationship, partly because of the video game is minimal, 5% of the total divorce cases that the website Divorce Online up to now in 2018 has compiled. But it is a reason that before it did not exist and that, of course, can only grow if the video game still gets followers. Why is Fortnite a reason for divorce? It is difficult to know, because there are no exact figures and you do not have access to the specific divorce requirements that they call the reason.

However, the essence of the game can serve as an explanation: winning victories is very difficult, time consuming and to finish, although Fortnite is free to play, it is possible to make small payments for supplements, from a suit to a dance , also during the passing of the "season passes", a system of rewards per game level. If this sum of factors is a potential danger to youth, as some experts say, there is no reason to exclude that this may also be the case in adults, adults with a spouse and / or a woman.


Addiction to video games is a problem that experts can not agree on. Although the World Health Organization recognized it as a disease, many experts in psychology and video games question this decision.

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