Get acquainted with the mobile phones that produce the most radiation

Studies have shown that mobile phones emit a certain amount of radiation while a person uses them to talk.

But do you know the mobile phones that emit the most radiation? According to the portal the German Radiation Protection Agency (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz) He conducted an investigation to find out which brands and models of mobile phones in the world produce the most radiation.

In addition to the mobile phones on the market, the list also included those who are no longer being sold, as is the case with the BlackBerry Bold 9790 which was sold in 2011 and according to the survey, this is the mobile that has the most radiation issue. that is 1.86 watts / kilogram.

While the first models still on the market are manufactured by companies in China.

This list is led by the Xiaomi Mi A1, which transmits a radiation of 1.75 watts / kilogram the same as the MDG 2 model of the Xiaomi Mi A1 LTE Dual SI.

The third place is taken by OnePlus 5T with 1.68 watts / kilogram. In the fourth position is Huawei, one of the giants of the smartphone market. According to the German agency, the Huawei Mate 9 emits radiation of 1.64 watts / kilogram in its models MHA-L09 and MHA-L29.

Sixth place is the Medion Life s5004 (MD99722) with a radiation of 1.63 watts / kilogram. It is followed by the Jerry3 of the company Wiko with 1.61 watts / kilogram.

While the models Nokia 105 (Type TA-1010) and 105 Dual Sim (Type TA-1034) are 1.5 watts / kilogram.

Of the Apple models, the iPhone 7 (Model A1778) is the one with the most radiation with a level of 1.38 watts / kilogram. Followed are the iPhone 8 with 1.32 watt / kilogram; the iPhone 7 Plus with 1.24 watts / kilogram; the iPhone 8 Plus with 0.99 watt / kilogram; the iPhone 6s Plis with 0.93 watts / kilogram; iPhone X with 0.92 watts / kilogram; the iPhone 6S with 0.87 watts / kilogram and the iPhone SE with 0.72 watts / kilogram.

While from the company Samsung, the model that emits the most the Galaxy J1 of 2016 is with 0.99 watts / kilogram, followed by the Samsung Galaxy J6 with 0.899 watts / kilogram; the Galaxy Xcover 3 with 0.78 watt / kilogram; the Galaxy J3 with 0.66 watt / kilogram; the Galaxy A3 with 0.62 watt / kilogram and the Galaxy XCover 4 with 0.61 watt / kilogram.

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