Have you forgotten your passwords? Siri will help you remember them

The evolution of Siri it increases in parallel with the situations in which people live today, who are so distracted that they forget important data, just like the passwords of their social networks and / or e-mails for work.

Undoubtedly these are stressful circumstances that cause users to lose time, but that can be avoided with the help of Siri, who can now remember all the passwords stored in the iCloud keychain of the iOS12.

So that Apple's virtual assistant can remember the password, "Siri, let me have my password" or "Let me know my password (the name of the account you want to open)".

Thereafter, Siri will open the Passwords page, which is in Settings and will display all accounts stored in the iCloud keychain, to begin searching for the password of the requested account.

The process is quick and easy, but it can take a little longer if you have one iPhone with Touch ID or the iPhone Xbecause the fingerprint is requested or that the face is recognized in a respective way; this occurs so that the theft of data or private information does not occur.

Apple wants you to "secrete" with Siri

The help of Siri in these cases is important and effective, but if you do not want them to support in this kind of circumstances, it is also possible to do it manually, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open the Passwords and accounts option
  3. Search passwords in the title of websites and apps

That is all, now there are two ways to remember the password, so there is no valid excuse that nothing can be done if they forget or confuse it.

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