how to prevent WhatsApp from removing all your chats and images

WhatsApp announced that the November 12 the next is the deadline to update a backup with the downloaded conversations, images and files, because the chats of those using Android no longer take up storage space in Google Drive.

As a result, WhatsApp backups that were updated no more than a year ago are automatically removed from Drive storage. But there is a simple and fast task that users can do to not lose information.

Quietly, there is no need to make screenshots of a year of conversations. So, how to update the chats to prevent them from being deleted? You just have to come in "Settings"> "Chats"> "Backup". Then you have to define in it "Save to Google Drive" the frequency with which copies are stored. And solved the problem.

In this way all files are safe and there is no risk of them being lost. Reminders and chats will continue to exist despite the WhatsApp warning that caused more than one. The content can be stored in backup copies in Drive without counting the space they occupy in the cloud.

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