How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger applications in the world and has become a tool to not only communicate with friends and family, but also to solve work problems.

For this reason, many users are looking for ways to configure more than one account on their WhatsApp.

This is now possible thanks to the Disa application, although it is currently only available for Android phones.

How to set up another account on your WhatsApp with Disa:

First of all, you must download the free application from the Google Play Store

After the installation, open the app, omit the introduction, mark the box to accept the terms and conditions and press the arrow that appears.

Then select the add-service option. A list of apps appears, select WhatsApp. After a short download I ask you to restart the app.

Once restarted, you will see WhatsApp at the top and a warning symbol. Click this symbol to start the configuration of the second account.

The next step is to fill in a record in which you have to enter your name, the international telephone code and the additional number that you want to add to the account.

Below are 2 numbers, the country code and the network code. When you are done, click the next button.

After the added number is confirmed, the app asks you how you can receive the code: by text message or by telephone, in the same way as it works with WhatsApp. Then you will receive a confirmation code for that number.

To receive the code, you can place the chip in another device for a moment or change it on the same mobile phone.

When the confirmation number is received, it must be copied to the app and confirmed. And from then on, two WhatsApp accounts are configured on the same mobile phone.

In addition, you can change the profile photo, status, privacy settings and the other available options in WhatsApp in the Disa app.

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