Inedita! The striking image of the rings of Saturn that NASA has recorded

Photo: RT

(Caracas, August 18, News24) .- The National Administration of Aeronautics and Space (NASA) has published a photograph of the rings of Saturn, the second largest planet in the world. solar system, made by the spacecraft Cassini at a distance of about 725,000 kilometers.

"The rings of Saturn are perhaps the most recognized feature of every planet" in our planetary system, the US Space Agency emphasizes. The photo, taken by Cassini from a south to north corner, is part of the exploration of the spacecraft to the ringed planet, which lasted more than ten years, and ended last year.

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The image shows the circular system of about 282,000 kilometers wide, representing almost three quarters of the distance between the earth and the moon. According to NASA, despite the size the rings are thin as "sheets", with only 10 meters thick in a large part of the system.

Photo: RT

The rings consist mainly of particles of ice that vary in size, of dimensions as small as a grain of sand.

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