iPhone will launch a new "stylus" for its devices this year

Ever since Steve Jobs mocked the needles of smartphones when presenting the iPhone, it was easy to exclude the possibility that Apple would add stylus support to iPhones. "Who wants a pencil?" Early Jobs. "You have to take them and save them and you lose them." Yuck! Nobody wants a stylus. "

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Anyway, the patent statements and comments from the CEO Apple, Tim Cook, have led people to spend years speculating that the new iPhones were about to receive support for the stylus, it just did not really happen.

Apple allowed four years to dominate the stylus market for the iPad before an iPad Pro with the name Pencil was launched in 2015 Earlier this year, ordinary iPads also received pen support, but for iPhones, nothing.

This week two very similar rumors from several Taiwanese sources once again claimed, once again, that iPhones get support for the stylus this year, more specifically, rumors say that the 2018 OLED iPhones (the same size and larger sequels for the iPhone X) will work with the Apple Pencil, because the pen is an inch higher than Apple iPhones, specule Some people say that the company will also release a smaller pen this year.

Almost a year and a half ago we published an opinion piece about why Apple I should make the existing pen work with the iPhone. In summary, the document argued that the Note and Chromebooks from Samsung had a sale of lipstick and iPad, so why not take the pencil to the iPhone while it's still interesting & # 39; used to be?

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