Learn more about the details of the ADATA HD830 external hard drive

The new external hard drive was presented on 14 September HD830 from ADATA technology, which is for sale via the following link.

The ADATA HD830 disc has an ultra-strong aluminum exterior, a three-layer construction and an IP68 certification for maximum data security. In addition, the HD830 meets the MIL-STD-810G 516.6 standard and is capable of withstanding up to 3000 kg of downstream pressure. The HDD is also equipped with shock sensors that prevent faults and damaged sectors as a result of accidental bumps and falls.Marcela Gorini, Southern Cone Country Manager of ADATA.

The board of the company also said that the aluminum construction will not only enable the device to fall, but is also capable of withstanding up to 3000 kilograms of downward pressure. the HD830 also meets the standard MIL-STD-810G 516.6 from the US and can survive traps of up to 1.22 meters. For more safety and protection, resistant silicone covers were also included for shock absorption and absorption.

Within its security systems against possible falls there is a shock sensor, which prevents the malfunction from being translated into errors and corrupt data. When the sensors of the device detect a collision, a red LED illuminates that the user is warning that the processes are temporarily interrupted. When this light is replaced by a blue color, it means that it works normally.

Important fact: the HD830 They have up to 3 years warranty and are available in 2TB, 4TB and 5TB presentations. The silicone coatings are available in blue or red.

What do you think of the new rigid external drive from ADATA Techonology? Do you think the HD830 manages to dominate this sector of the market? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

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