New My Race trailer and date of the beta of NBA 2K19

We continue with the information that this new version of the Gamescom is leaving us, and this time we will talk about 2K and its basketball simulator, the NBA 2K19.

On this occasion we got a preview of what the My Race mode of this next NBA 2K19 will beand the biggest innovation is that we will play an Asian player instead of the Americans from earlier versions.

All this is the product of the growth that the basketball leagues in Asia have gone through in recent yearsIn addition, a number of these players have all become stars in the best competition in the world. And as an example we have the Chinese Jao Ming, who managed to captivate a whole era with its 2.29 meters height.

Date and news of the beta of the NBA 2K19

In addition, it has been announced that we will be able to download the prologue or beta of the new 2K videogame for free from August 31st.including the first chapter of My Career and 2 playable teams.

And added as a surprise, the Hollywood actors who participated in this edition were revealedwhat you know for sure.

This next edition of the NBA 2K19 will go on sale on 11 September of this year for the most important video game platforms.

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