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Recently we had the big unveiling of a new card Busan, this card is inspired by the culture of Korea, with a lot of winks to that country and important distinctive elements.

In the context of the event Overwatch Fan Festivalhe appeared Jeff Kaplan, manager of Overwatch to present a new card, Busanas we expected is based on the city with the same name in it South Korea, this new card is one of Control, that is, it contains 3 phases, each team fights for the control of each zone and the winner is determined as it normally is when making 2 phases. This card is currently available in the Overwatch PTR (PC only)

Busan Internship Map: Sanctuary

The sanctuary consists of 3 sections, the central goal and two respawns, in both respawns we can inside typical structures of a sanctuary in Korea, immediately after leaving we find a landscape in vivid colors, autumn colors and when approaching the center of the lens there are 2 giant drums typical of Korea, in fact both work if you shoot them or if you occupy the melee hit. It contains several paths to reach the goal, spaces for Snipers and is a map with few highlights. If you go to the coast, you can see the base of the team in the distance M.E.K.A

Busan Stage 2 Map: Downtown

The second phase of this map, called Downtown or Center, here we see several references to Korean pop culture, Spawn Team Blue and Red, are different, for one there is a PC Bang, the so popular video game cafe Korea and in the other , a Karaoke, in fact there is a dance machine in the PC Bang that reacts to the movements of the player. Busan It is a city of gray tones, with different buildings and the center of it in the goal, we can see the train station of Luz, although it feels a bit narrow here, it is good that Highground can attack the point immediately. Just like in the previous phase, when we look at the sea, we can see the basis of the team M.E.K.A

Map Busan Stage 3: M.E.K.A Base

Probably this phase is the most complex of all, here we can see different references to the animated short that was shown in the Overwatch Fan Festival from Korea, as in Downtown, both respawns are different wings from the base, in one we have a training wing with Gyros for the MEKA team and the other Ala, they are in fact the rooms of the 5 MEKA pilots, 4 of these rooms They are closed and not accessible.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, this last stage contains 4 levels, an "underground" to reach the first floor (objective), a height that surrounds it and where the stations of the MEKA units are supposed to be and ultimately a small very high space to position one of the 2 Snipers of the game, both teams can access it, but very few characters can come, giving a wide view of the map and exposing different parts of the target.

Then we leave you with a folder gallery with thanks snowstorm and its announcement video.

all hail dva.

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