Nintendo Switch: datameters find the content that will arrive with the update of the & # 39; Online & # 39; | Video games

A few weeks ago, Nintendo confirmed that by mid-September the new online system of payment for Nintendo Switch such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Dataminers they would have found what will come in the console patch 6.0.0.

According to the filtration, the current one would be replaced Virtual console with this online service. It in turn offers a series of free games, a backup of data in the cloud, new images to use in the profile: 2 from Captain Toad, 2 from Toadette, 1 from Wingo and 1 from Draggadon).

The slogan that this subscription would take to play online in the Nintendo Switch It will be the following: "more games, more functions, more fun". At the moment that is the only thing known about what would come in the patch 6.0.0. with regard to the payment program.

On the other hand, the official control support of the NES and the SNESaccording to Dataminers.

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