Nintendo wants a financial agreement before she goes to the test with emulation sites

The ROMpocalypse continues. It looks like Nintendo just wants money and scares the emulation community.

A few weeks ago we witnessed a sad but historic moment for followers of imitation; when EMUPARADISE announced that because of the legal pressure from Nintendo, it preferred to close the ROM download site forever.

The Japanese company also promoted the sale of retro products such as NES Classic has started an aggressive legal strategy; where he has sued the most popular sites; commissioned to distribute almost all libraries of that old console for free.

But what Nintendo apparently wants is simply money. Or that suggests at least the most recent report from the TorrentFreak bookkeepers.


Where they reveal that the lawyers in charge of bringing the millionaire lawsuit against and LoveRETRO They have just ordered an extension of three weeks; before you respond to the lawsuit and set a date to start the trial.

The motive behind this movement would be the intention to win some time; so that Nintendo and the suspect can reach a financial agreement.

This agreement would be sought by both parties. Have a special interest in do not mark a formal legal precedent; the same thing that could detonate more demands of the same style against emulation sites.

It is not known what the number is about which they negotiate. But it should be well below the original USD $ 100 million.

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