Nokia is relaunching phones with PureView cameras & # 39; s – mobile

If there was a brand that bragged about having the best camera and was surprised about unique innovations, then Nokia was the biggest acquaintance with the launch of the 808 PureView and later the Lumia 1020.

The latter had 41 megapixels on the back and a technology with which it could offer high-quality images for a smartphone at that time.

However, when Microsoft bought the mobile division from Nokia, it remained with the brand PureView and today – that Nokia has returned to the market with HMD Global – that brand can not be used.

Now it has changed, since HMD Global has acquired the rights to use PureView in its future smartphone, something that is going to improve that we will soon see Nokia PureView phones again.

Although it could be a marketing problem with the use of the brand, Nokia, together with the agreement with Zeiss, could once again take the lead in mobile photography, and see how its rivals such as Apple, Samsung, Google or Huawei have progressed significantly.

Although Nokia is not a player of weight nowadays as in the past decade, the sales figures are good, leading brands such as Sony or HTC lead the way.

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