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Fans of the famous Pokémon GO augmented reality game get good news from them video game favorite. A few days before the arrival of the month of September a series of challenges were made that bring back a popular legendary Pokémon

After his arrival at the video game, Niantic disabled the ability to catch the powerful Entei; but in the end the popular being returned, but for a limited time. How to get it? Here we tell you

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If you are a regular player of Pokémon GO, you have noticed that when you start the video game You have received an announcement telling us about the return of the popular Pokémon Entei, which is related to the field research tasks that you need to complete every day, for a week.

So if you collect enough stamps during these days, you can get a research result and you will immediately have the opportunity to catch the legendary Pokémon Entei. In addition, it is stated that such research tasks, necessary to capture the Pokémon mentioned, are related to Pokémon of the type of fire.

This new event was announced on Twitter and will start on 1 September of this year. However, if you have not yet registered Raikou, this is your chance, because after this date it will soon stop appearing.


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