Rumors return over the first car from Apple

Days ago, the Chinese analyst, Ming-Chio Kuo, delivered a report on the Apple products he hopes to see in the future. His predictions indicate that the company Cupertino would launch its own autonomous vehicle, the Apple Car, between 2023 and 2025.

The analyst says that this could be the next "star product" of the company. He also said that the Apple Car (in the company known as Project Titan) would revolutionize the market just as the iPhone in 2007.

Kuo is a Chinese analyst, known for delivering predictions about future Apple products. His vision on the future is taken into consideration by the shareholders and he works for the investment management company TF International Securities, according to infobae.

The automotive industry is at a stage of transformation and permanently incorporates new technologies. According to Kuo's predictions, the Apple Car will make a difference with other vehicles.

The Chinese defend their prediction with four foundations:

– New technologies redefine production requirements, as happened with smartphones 10 years ago.

– The augmented reality distinguishes Apple Car from vehicles from other manufacturers.

– Apple products will grow significantly through the Apple Car.

– The integration of Apple's hardware, software and services will be better than that of its current competitors.

What does the Apple Car look like?

The Apple Car is part of a 4-year job that the company called Project Titan. It is the program of autonomous vehicles of the company founded by Steve Jobs.

According to it, it was a program with different problems of leadership and internal conflicts. This meant strong obstacles to the evolution of the project, which is progressing with solid steps today.

Under the direction of Bob Mansfield, through Project Titan, the company wants to work with car manufacturers and deliver autonomous driving software. He recently joined the project, Doug Fields, former engineer "star" of Tesla. And some rumors point out that Apple might decide to make his future car all over again.

The innovations that Apple would be interested in include: silent motorized doors, absence of a steering wheel, augmented reality screens and an improved LIDAR sensor (typical for autonomous vehicles that emit infrared light rays).

Since last year, high-end Lexus vehicles, equipped with Apple's proprietary driving technology, have already been spinning around in Cupertino in Silicon Valley.

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