See here how you can verify your Instagram account in three easy steps

How you can get Instagram verification was one of the great riddles that the application has saved… up to now.

Many think that is the only way to get it "Blue Popcorn" is increasing the number of followers or, failing that, have access to an agency take care of contact the social network directly and "ask" the blue seal, but it is not like that.

Now it is much easier! To be a candidate for verification in this social network, all you have to do is enter the Instagram configuration and press "Request verification". Later the page will ask for a quantity basic data for legal identification.

After the procedure has been carried out before, you only have to wait to know if your application has been accepted, according to the established policy of the network. It is not 100% sure that your application will be accepted.

In addition to this verification, the Instagram platform added several changes in your profile and adjustments to improve the appearance and safety of the user, through authentication of another medium such as Google or DUO mobile.

These options will be available to all users from next week per system IOS and Android.

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