SNES, a web that allows you to play Super Nintendo with your friends

After the success of obtained by Haukur Rosinkranz, this now presents, a service that makes it possible to load a ROM, but does not contain it, to play online with friends. In principle this is a Super Nintendo emulator, with which players can connect and control their characters via this emulator that is executed in the browser.

This online service works in your browser with WebRTC, an API developed by the WWW Consortium so that browser applications can make calls, share video chat and P2P files without plug-ins.

Rosinkranz, an Icelandic resident in Berlin, started in 2017 while experimenting with WebRTC and WebSockets, updating the software to support SNES, task that lasted six months:

The reason I did it , was simply because I discovered how advanced the implementation of RTC in Chrome had become and wanted to do something with her When I discovered that it is possible to take a video element and send it over the network, I knew that I am here something good to participate and I came up with the idea to send emulators.

To try, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a room with a link to share.

Step 2: Start a ROM in an emulator in the browser, which becomes the host.

Step 3: The video / audio and controls are sent to others in space via WebRTC.

This service comes as an option for the official service that is expected to be released by Nintendo in September, where we will present a catalog of classic games such as: the classic Mario Kart or the old Mario titles with new settings.

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