The best cases for the iPhone XS Max you can get

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If you are looking for the largest and most modern iPhone and you have more than a thousand dollars to spend, then the iPhone XS Max is for you. With a 6.5-inch OLED screen, this has the biggest screen we've seen on an iPhone, with plenty of room to play, watch video's or watch the photo's made with its excellent camera. With the new Apple Bionic A12 processor, the XS Max has incredible power inside, but what about the exterior?

The iPhone XS Max is undoubtedly a device that attracts attention, largely thanks to the design. The glass on a stainless steel frame gives it an elegant look, but as can be expected, the glass can easily burst or break, bringing the beauty of your phone to an end.

The best way to keep it as attractive as on the day you bought it is to add some protection with a case or bag. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to choose the one that suits you best because there is a wide variety of covers and screen protectors available, from simple gel options to bulky and resistant housings with total impermeability.

But do not worry, we have worked hard at Digital Trends, so you do not have to do it yourself. That is why we present here some of the best cases for the iPhone XS Max, so that you keep your beautiful, modern and expensive phone protected.

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The new iPhone XS Max is a beautiful mix of glass on stainless steel and we do not blame you if you do not want to cover it. But even a bit of protection can be useful, and that is where the super thin sleeves of Peel come in. With only 0.35 mm they are exceptionally thin and have a variety of minimalist and unmarked colors.

The clear option is completely transparent and thin enough to make you forget that your phone even has a case. The housing of Peel is clearly not as resistant to damage as the larger cases, and you will probably find that it only works against more minor bumps and scratches, rather than big bumps or traps. But if you are in doubt between this case or any protection, Schil is a good choice.

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The name Spigen is known for providing excellent protection for smartphones, and the Ultra Hybrid housing is no different. As the name implies, it is a hybrid of materials that combines an absorbent material with a shock of TPU with a hard and transparent polycarbonate back panel for excellent protection against different situations.

The soft TPU provides an extra grip surface for the fingers, while the transparent back panel provides a clear view of the phone so you can wear it while keeping it protected. Each corner is equipped with an air cushion for extra protection against falling and the material is treated to prevent discoloration over time. It is a simple but effective option.

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If you're looking for something different, the Tech21 Evo Luxe is available in different styles, but we really like the Active Black option. It is made of sturdy and flexible TPU and uses a material known as FlexShock, which Tech21 says is the "most advanced shockproof material in the world" and that your phone can protect against falls of up to three and a half meters. The back panel also has a layer of fabric that should give good adhesion and there is a slightly raised edge to protect the large screen of your iPhone XS Max.

The design of the Evo Luxe is designed for people who have an active lifestyle, hence the bold colors, but can adapt to other styles. Although your personal taste may vary, this is a great protective thing.

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The iPhone XS Max has a water resistance rating of IP68, which means that it can be kept under water for up to an hour, but if you want to know more about your phone, please consider installing a waterproof case. The Hitcase Splash is quite expensive to be a protective cover, but this fully enclosed enclosure has its own IP68 rating to keep water, mud and other elements away from your device while protecting a combination of TPU and polycarbonate. fall and blow.

It is quite extensive, because this type of protection is often, but there is a clear window for your screen. It is also compatible with the range of Hitcase camera lenses, making it a great case for general use.

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Sometimes simple security is not enough and you want the housing of your phone to do more than just house your powerful pocket computer. That is what the UAG Trooper series is for. As befits the great reputation of UAG, the Trooper cover is super-compact, with an impact-resistant core and a rugged exterior that protects your phone from almost all types of damage.

But what makes this product different is that if you open the back, you also find space to store cash or credit cards. This makes the UAG Trooper series perfect for anyone who wants to travel lightly with his phone, who does not want to carry a wallet or bag, or simply wants to carry extra money in case of an emergency. It has a robust appearance that is not for everyone, but for the rest it is a good option.

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The Carbon Case from Nomad is a minimalist housing, slim, lightweight and durable, with strong protection. It is built with the compound patented by the company called Carbon MD-6TM, hence the name, and covered with a TPU rubber bumper that provides protection against falls up to 2 meters in height.

Carbon Case is extremely light, and each case has a unique and soft finish, equipped with a sturdy protection and a finish that prevents the phone from becoming slippery.

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