The Google Pixel 3 XL is again in public and now in more detail

In Canada, it seems that there are many carefree people who use the Pixel 3 XL in public transport.


So or more careless? The telephone Google Pixel 3 XL He saw himself again on the public road, which already seems to be deliberate.

The mobile phone appeared on Canadian public transport and smart users photographed it in good quality and displayed the news that is expected on the mobile phone. The images have been published by MobileSyrup, a Canadian site.

The images show a double chamber system and an opening for the horn, all within a notch observed in previous leaks.

On this occasion and in contrast to previous leaks, the mobile phone shows its back with a design that is very similar to that of the Pixel 2 XL, with a back that is divided into both tones and materials – with one part glass and one metal. The camera on the back, at least as far as you can see, will be a single lens, so Google will still not be involved in placing two (or even three cameras).

This is how the Pixel 3 XL will look on your back, as the phone has been observed in daily use.


The person using this mobile phone is displayed with WhatsApp, just like a previous user. The details of the interface confirm that it is the Pixel 3 XL when using Android 9 Pie to arrange the settings in the status bar, as well as a back button on the jaw of the mobile phone.

The fact that the mobile phone is seen in public means that it is tested in real-world environments, as Google employees (or people with permission to use it) use it to view battery life and use before this is being launched. it is expected to take some time in October.

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