It is more than a month before the official presentation of the Pixel 3 XLbut in the past few weeks absolutely everything about the new terminal has been leaked Google. Yesterday we let you know that a Russian portal already has the device in hand and has shared more images of the device, including recordings from his camera.

Today the information is related to one of the most controversial elements of the mobile phone, the & # 39; Notch & # 39;. Since the first images were filtered at the end of July, the audience reacted negatively to the large notch that is on the screen, but the portal 9to5Google has published a report detailing the dimensions of the & # 39; notch & # 39; justifies.

According to the sources, the device has one wide-angle frontal sensor, which would allow to take selfies with a larger viewing angle, something that we have already seen in the LG G6, ideal for selfies where more people appear on the scene. This would compensate for the lack of a double rear camera, one of the other complaints that are visible on the phone.

To make optimal use of the new sensor, Mountain View has integrated improved portrait mode. We know that the front camera has two lenses, but the source expects that this is due to a new system of facial recognition that improves your safety. With the above, along with a new chip "Visual Core", the front camera can use their potential. There are no more details about what kind of functions they can play thanks to these components.

Although we have focused on discussing the larger model, the report points out that the Pixel 3 will also have the same additions in his front camera. Why can not this information be confirmed with the terminals already in circulation? There is a statement. All devices that are outside include pre-production softwareThat is why they do not have the functions we mentioned earlier. This prevents the data from being confirmed.

Despite the large number of leaks that have occurred in the past few days, it seems that Google still has a number of surprises in store and we will certainly know them at the presentation of the 4 October.