They found frozen water at the poles of the moon

Scientists have discovered for the first time direct evidence of frozen water on the surface of the polar regions of the moon. And the ice itself could be old, according to a study conducted Monday in the Acts of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists from the University of Hawaii and the Brown University and Richard Elphic from the Ames Research Center of the NASThey used data from NASA & # 39; s Moon Mineralogy Mapper to make the discovery. The instrument is located on the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft of the Space Research Organization of India, the first moon probe in India, which was launched in 2008.

It is designed to look for different tracks that prove the presence of water ice on the surface of the moon. This included collecting data that was not only detected reflection properties of ice, but the way molecules absorb infrared light, that indicates the difference between water and ice.

Earlier studies of the moon sticks suggested that ice could be present there, but that possible signs could also be explained by other phenomena.

The ice It is in the darkest and coldest areas at the poles, in the shade of craters where sunlight never arrives due to the tilt of the moon's axis.

The warmest temperatures in these areas are not more than 125 degrees Celsius below zero.

In the South Pole, Ice can be found in craters. Ice is widespread in the North Pole, but it is scarcer. This strange distribution this may mean that there is a low water supply, or implies that the ice itself is millions of years old and has had little accumulation since then.

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