This three-year-old girl has IQ higher than Einstein

The first words Ophelia Morgan-Dew pronounced when she was barely eight months old were & # 39; hiya & # 39 ;, a word with two syllables. Now he is three years old and has knowledge of numbers, colors and the alphabet.

This girl of British descent takes the eyes of the whole world for her high IQ for such a young man on the closet.

Ophelia achieved an IQ score of 171, which is 11 points more than physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Several publications from English newspapers report that this girl can remember incidents that occurred before she was one year old, she says very interesting.

This kind of memory retention is remarkable because almost none of us remember babies, and that is because the brain is still not developing at this stage so that we can store information in the form of neural patterns.

Ophelia, however, exhibits episodic memory retention since she was a baby.

A genius girl

When her mother realized that she was intelligent after her years, she took her to an educational psychologist, who gave her the results of her IQ. Albert Einstein, who developed the theory of relativity and received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, had a score of 160.

As a result of her brilliant score of 171, Ophelia is now the second youngest person to join Mensa, a society for people with high IQ who only support scores above 132. The current average is about 100 points.

"He started talking very early, but we were not sure if this was unusual." By the time the kindergarten started, we realized that it was far ahead of the other children. She can spell her name aloud and also things like banana, cat and mother. & # 39;

Natalie and her husband Ben, consider asking the girl, who is studying books aimed at five-year-olds, to go to school early.

With her results Ophelia drove out the teenagers Arnav Sharma and Rahul Doshi, 12 and 13 years old respectively, as the "smartest" girl in the UK. Both young people, whose results were known in 2017, scored 162 points on the test.

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