Three-year-old girl surprises the world with a coefficient that is superior to that of Einstein and Hawking | society

A very unusual and surprising fact came to light after the story of Ophelia Morgan-Dew an English girl of only three years that an IQ higher than of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkkin ] according to the media in his country.

According to the Daily Mail the minor has the ability to remember events that happened to her before her first birthday. From the studies she is exposed to, it appears that she achieved 171 points when the average score is 100.

Ophelia's parents claim that she began to say the colors, letters and numbers with only 8 months of life. The little girl has become the youngest person in England to enter the society for the gifted (Mensa). ). Moreover, in 0.3% of the population it is included with "brain power".

"When our daughter was about eight months old, we realized how smart she could be," her mother acknowledged, Natalie Morgan in conversation with the BBC. "She began to tell the colors, letters and numbers with a few months to live, I feel that she is different from the rest of the children," she added.

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