[VIDEO] Nokia Tune celebrates 24 years

The phones of Nokia are recognized not only for their durability, but also because of their classic ringtone, the "Tune & # 39 ;, melody that debuted 24 years ago .

It was Nokia 2110 the first phone of the Finnish brand that bears this famous melody, which came on the market in 1994 .

Of course there were no social networks and it was not the intention to surf the internet. via mobile phone, since this equipment was noticeable by storing up to 100 contacts in the phone memory in addition to allowing a maximum of 10 outgoing calls, 10 received calls and 10 missed calls.

However, in those years it was not known what impact this melody would generate, both in the brand and in the consumer, making it practically a cult.

The melody comes from the Spanish musician Francisco Tárrega who in 1902 composed "Great Waltz" real origin of the melody.

It is estimated that the melody was so popular that over the whole world was heard close to 1800 million times a day, about 20 thousand times a second.

Of course, with the passage of time and also of technology, the melody suffered some variations going from a simple monophonic tone to even a melody dubstep :

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