Where are the Blizzard presentations on Gamescom 2018?


Tomorrow begins the main video game event in Europe, the Gamescom 2018 in Cologne, Germany. Just like in previous years snowstorm will participate in this important event and, as we have already said in a few occasions, there will be exclusive content for it.

We knew that there would be a new one Short animated for these dates, and was even officially published recently by the official report from Overwatch on Twitter when and where the animated short film premieres, we think we will have a new card and maybe something else around the corner.

Are you going to Gamescom this year? Come to our Overwatch booth for some interesting activities and exclusive content.
If not, stay informed and learn more about the exciting announcements.

Now the primal How to see the presentation of snowstorm live from the Gamescom 2018? because of this event snowstorm created a special site where you can view the broadcast directly on the site, the presentation calendar and the milestones that the presentation in Gamescom 2018. The other direct option is via the official channel of Blizzard Entertainment On YouTube, where a presentation is already planned and is live in about 19 hours, we recommend that you activate the reminder to be alert when you start.

If the schedules in the event calendar are correct, many of us will have to get up early to know all the new content and small things that snowstorm, because the first presentation will be in Chile around 11.30 hours. and the presentation until 14:00 Overwatch and at 7:00, the new animated short

We will try to make everything related Overwatch Tomorrow x) and maybe also what appears in the other parallel event that will be attended by the developers of the game that will be in Korea and that will be called Overwatch Fan Festival.

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