YouTube contains more ads that can not be skipped

Ads, especially ads that can not be skipped, are one of the most annoying things on YouTube and unfortunately for users of the platform thanks to a new policy from the company, the latter could increase.

According to YouTube announced through its channel for content generators, Creator Insider, from next week Each channel that can generate money through its video can run ads that can not be omitted.

This is a change in the previous platform policy, which so far only allowed certain channels to have this type of ads that can not be skipped.

In this sense, it seems to be a good measure for some channels to increase their revenues, as companies pay more for ads that can not be left out and that could also pose a risk to the content. First of all, because before an announcement that can not be skipped, there is a possibility that users will not wait until it is over and that they will not eventually see the content of the video they wanted to see before the announcement.

Given the uncertainty expressed by some content generators with respect to that capability, a YouTube spokesperson on the Mashable site explained that creators can determine which types of ads appear before their videos with tools that enable them to target specific advertisers. block and complete ad categories. .

In addition, the creators have a feature that provides an analysis of the performance of the ads that can not be left out, allowing them to determine whether that ad format is best to take advantage of their audience.

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