YouTube does more ads than can not be skipped

YouTube continues to pursue its strategy to make the world's largest video platform more aggressive. According to a new report from the specialist channel Creator Insider, the Google brand is launching even more ads in its free version from Monday 27 August; and it will be of the worst kind, those who can not jump.

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This means a significant change to the current YouTube policy, allowing only certain channels to introduce this type of ads that can not be logged. Now they will be larger in number and will exist throughout the platform.

The size is a double-edged sword, because on the one hand it allows creators to earn a little more money for their videos, because the platform charges companies more expensive ads that can not be skipped; But on the other hand, users sharpen disapproval ads and non-speial ads pose the risk that the public decides not to see the content.

Given the uncertainty expressed by some content generators with respect to that capability, a YouTube spokesperson on the Mashable site explained that creators can determine which types of ads appear before their videos with tools that enable them to target specific advertisers. block and complete ad categories. .

As part of the YouTube strategy, there was YouTube Red, now YouTube Music, the paid option that does not contain ads, although many users choose to use video in the original free option. So onecero friends, if they have a tendency to listen to music or see content on the Google platform, they will have to be patient.

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