Álvarez wants to end arbitration disputes and warns: "The VAR helps a lot"

Although Universidad Católica Curicó defeated Unido and remained the exclusive leader of the national championship, the crusaders once again felt biased by the arbitration, this time for a dubious criminal who accused them of Judge Francisco Gilabert.

Faced with this situation, Cristián Álvarez, defender and sponsor of the foothills, declared his intention to "give a final cut" to the referil of the subject and requested the arrival of technology to Chilean football.

"It's an issue that was talked about last week, it's been said about the referees and it's necessary to give a cut, I know they're doing their best and they need technology. It's impossible to repeat technology, even ten times, you have to give it a clear cut and not talk, the VAR helps in many ways, I totally agree, "the" Huaso "acknowledged on Monday at a press conference.

As far as the UC's performance is concerned, he said: "We had to row from the back, we had the ability and the maturity to turn it in. The urgency of results can lead to a revolution and can complicate." The proposal was good, we have realized that at some point we had to adjust and play better, there are things that we have changed and maybe in sight it is not noticeable, but we do, there is a very mature team. "

Finally, the experienced defender emphasized the contribution of young players, such as Ignacio Saavedra, who had eyes before the "torteros" to keep his head: "What Saavedra does, beyond his head, is his personality, he made his debut and showed that He always played, it is projected, just like Munder, who hits the corner twice and gets it out first and then makes the goal – that's what we want from players who come from the bottom. "

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