Coquimbo Unido managed to tie Cobreloa after a score of 2-0

Min 90 + 4 The meeting ended in Calama. Cobreloa 2-2 Coquimbo Unido. Goals from Simon for the local, Pinto and Holgado for the pirate.

Min 90 + 3 Corner kick for Coquimbo Unido that is trying to close off.

Min 90 The regulation time has already been fulfilled in the Municipal Stadium of Calama and the relationship between Naranjos and Aurinegros continues. 4 minutes of extra play time is played

Min. 85 Corner shot for Cobreloa

Min 83 Second change in Cobreloa, Diego Alvarado comes in instead of Pablo Parra

Min 76 Enter Sebastián Romero instead of Mario Larenas in the Cobreloa team

Min 75 Second change in the visiting team, Rodrigo Holgado leaves and Jorge Orellana enters with the 21 in the aurinegro set

Min 71 Goooool of Coquimbo Unido, Rodrigo Holgado was found to determine the parity. 2 to 2 is the meeting

Min. 66 Direct red card for Francisco Ayala after claims due to lack of Yedro who also won a yellow card. Coquimbo was left with one less player in the field, in a match that was 2-1 in favor of Cobreloa.

Min. 65 Gooooal from Coquimbo Unido, Yashir Pinto hit him from below and hit RCO at the first post. He scored the discount for the region box and Coquimbo

Min. 60 First change in the visiting team, sales Kilian Delgado and Álvaro Delgado enter the court.

Min yellow card for Matías Álvarez in Cobreloa.

Min 53 corner shoot for Cobreloa and the ball is lost in the last line, Coquimbo was saved from a new stopped ball

Min 52 New release in favor of Cobreloa, yellow tarheta for Diego Carrasco in the pirate box

Min 50 Gooooal Lucas Simón again head left without options to Retamal. Cobreloa 2- 0 Coquimbo Unido

Min 50 Dangerous free kick in favor of Cobreloa,

Min. 49 The position of Coquimbo Unido overwrites the game

Min 46 The second part of the Cobreloa meeting between Coquimbo Unido began

Min 45 +1 The first part of the meeting was over. The home team went for the benefit of a1 to 0 g in Coquimbo Unido

Min. 44 New free kick shot favorable for the visiting box

Min 40 Free kick for Coquimbo Unido, error on Ferreira and the pirate cast has tie options

38 min The second Cobreloa was lost

Min 32 Corner Shot, head shot and Gool To Cobreloa, Jorge Luna threw the corner and appeared the head of Lucas Simón

Min 31 Holgado could not, was alone for the bow of Olivares

Min 29 Free Throw for Coquimbo Unido

Min 6 Yellow card for Guillermo Firpo in Cobreloa

12.04 The game started at the Municipal Stadium of Calama. The local team started to roll the ball. On the stands you see fans of Coquimbo Unido and those of Cobreloa and Antofagasta

During the introduction of the competitions, a tribute was paid to Héctor Ligua Puebla, a historic Cobreloa player, and the traditional Zorro was presented

Everything is ready and ready for the teams to go to the field in the Municipal Stadium of Calama, where they will face for the 21st date of the Loto championship of the first, Cobreloa and Coquimbo Unido.

Loin countries have been difficult for the Coquimbo region, where he gained few victories in visiting conditions, so this time the cast of Buenos Aires must look for the match right from the start and thus stay high on the leaderboard.

The pirate crest arrives in the playing field formed by Daniel Retamal in the goal, then a row of four in defense consisting of Sebastián Galani, Sebastián Silva, Diego Carraco, Francisco Ayala, while in the midfield the ball will circulate in Brian Ferrerira. , Mauricio Yedro, Diego González, to introduce Yashir Pinto, Rodrigo Holgado and Kilian Delgado.

In his role the local team of Rodrigo (Calule) Meléndez raffles the match with Raúl Oivares, Mario Larenas, Luis Maldonado, Mario Parra, Matias Álvarez, Axl Ríos, Guillermo Firpo, Cristian Ivanosbsky, Pablo Parra, Jorge Luna and Lucas Simón.

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