Cristián Álvarez: "It might be the last classic to play" sport-

Although he had to leave the field because of an injury,The captain of UC, Cristián Álvarez he did not hide his joy for the cross victory over Colo Colo.

Álvarez explained his tears by having to leave the field, in the 16th minute of the first half. "It might be the last classic to playand they think that. How was the environment, how were the people, how I felt, how important it was to win … must go out in these cases, it's not nice at all, "he said.

The result was emphasized by the leader of the dressing room of the strip. "It is still a step, but we depend on other parties. It may be that everything stays the same, but the most important thing is that the classic is won, "he said.

For Álvarez, "tAnyone who has opportunities, who are mathematically involved in the group of which they can be champions, will continue to compete. Some have more options than others. It is true that we are in the lead, that we have lost only one match in the year, we are a very equal team in all lines, with good, bad matches, but we are good, "he analyzed.

"But we have six dates (…) Although it has not been determined who will become the champion, all games will be of crucial importance ", added the" Huaso "Álvarez.

"To win a classic that makes people happyhappy with us, that's what gives these games to you emotionally, "said the UC captain.

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