Esteban Paredes will have to convert 7 goals in 7 games to overcome the record of Chamaco Valdés in 2018

The Colo Colo attacker has practically won the crown of the championship scorekeeper, but he has to take care of it

The doubles of Esteban Paredes against Everton of Viña del Mar were more bitter than budgeted. The defeat of the Cacique against the rulers left in the background the career of the striker to become a historic scorer in the First Division-tournaments, only six of the 215 points of Francisco Valdés.

The tank has a total of 209 entries and the target still seems to be within reach. Although it will not be possible before Deportes Antofagasta in the next date (September 23), it will have other seven games to overcome the maximarca. That is, he will have to turn seven goals into the seven remaining games to overcome Chamaco.

The struggle to be the shooter of the current championship already seems to be won by Visogol. Som 18 goals, against 13 of his escort, the Spanish Union forward Tobias Figueroa. Under the table appears one who has already left Chilean football, such as Brian Fernandez (11).

That is why the objective of Paredes refers to Chamaco. The race will resume on September 30, when he visits Universidad Católica in San Carlos de Apoquindo. Then Unión, Palestino and U de Conce in the monumental, and O & # 39; Higgins, Audax and Huachipato as a stranger.

It will not be easy. In fact, you have to go back to the year 2000 to find a striker with more than 25 goals in a championship of thirty dates. On that occasion Pedro González reached 26 with the shirt of Universidad de Chile. The same Heidi, who is on the historic table as an escort for Chamaco, with 213 goals.

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