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Saturday, August 18, 2018


In what was a night of goalkeepers, Javier Torrente's team lost the player less than the & # 39; acereros & # 39; had since the 70s and had to settle for a discrete 0-0 in Sausalito. So the box & # 39; ruletero & # 39; still can not escape the lower part of the national tournament.

By Cristóbal del Campo H. | @chrsvandevelde

A needy Everton tried to ratify the surprising triumph over Universidad de Concepción against another team that had just come out of a bad blow. This is Huachipato, who despite the fact that he had a lesser player since the 1970s, knew how to hold Sausalito and had a goalless draw, although the result was not favorable.

Both the team led by Javier Torrente and Nicolás Larcamón left to go to the opposite arch, before the three points are urgent. This, especially in the local box, which warned on 11 & # 39; through Álvaro Ramos, but the first clearer was the & # 39; steelers & # 39 ;, via Nicolás Baeza (16 & # 39;), but the crossbar saved Cristopher Toselli

 Everton_Huachipato_lamento_Madrid_Campeonato_2018_PS "src =" https://s3.amazonaws.com/prensafutbol/wp-content/uploads /2018/08/18221205/Everton_Huachipato_lamento_Madrid_Campeonato_2018_PS-300x210.jpg "width =" 300 "height =" 210 Meanwhile the top-post saved the visitors this time in a duel that brought sparks to Viña del Mar. Later, at 33 & # 39 ;, Juan Cuevas could open the bill, but the shot was raised with very little and the tonic was retained until the break.

In the second half the game went back and forth, although it was the Evertonians who had the greatest chances. Goalkeeper Carlos Lampe, however, performed remarkably and repeatedly saved the 1-0. Toselli, on the other hand, also had excellent interventions with the homeowners, who were responsible for the 0-0 which was maintained in the "garden city."

On the other hand, everything started to get complicated at 70 & # 39 ;, when José Bizama got twice a warning and left his team with 10 players. This ensured that the & gold & air & # 39; gold & air & # 39; their efforts doubled in their pursuit of triumph. 88 & # 39; was Juan Cuevas who had gone to the shower for the time, and neither team could make any differences.

In this way, Everton missed the chance to return to add three and goes in the last place with 14 points, although now equal to San Luis and is four units of Curicó Unido, in the battle for the permanence. Huachipato stayed in ninth position with 23 points, away from Unión Española in the fight to enter Copa Sudamericana.

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