Fidel Kuri scandals in Mexican football

Since Fidel Kuri Grajales became the owner of the Red Sharks of Veracruz in 2013, the businessman and politician has been constantly in the eye of hurricane & # 39; because of its controversial statements, decisions made, violent situations and its lack of respect to the authorities of Mexican football.

ESPN Digital presents you with a report of all the scandals of one of the most controversial directors in the history of national football.

The Mexican football federation and the Bancomer League, after what the former coach of Veracruz, Guillermo Vázquez, revealed about the double contracts, has announced that they will review the situation of the Veracruz club with the aim of collective reorganization among the participants . "Liga MX has taken the decision to ask the audit company Ernst & Young to thoroughly assess the financial situation of Club Tiburones Rojos del Veracruz", the Liga statement partially explained.

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The technician Guillermo Vázquez, after bringing the last tournament to a rescue, took the decision to leave the club with a three-month debt and Fidel Kuri, after the defeat against America with 0-3 in Copa MX, said he had nothing to thank the strategist, who he called "mandilón" and asked him to "overcome his trauma" by losing the Final against the Eagles in 2013 with Cruz Azul.

"Firstly, his trauma is removed to lose to America when he won and within minutes he turned the game around, first the trauma that brings, removes his face" said [ESMO] [19659008].

In an interview with ESPN Radio Formula the owner of Veracruz revealed that the bank accounts of three players of his team were still frozen and said he was a prosecution on the part of the government of the state Veracruz felt to avoid having more football in the square. "I'm surprised that State Finance is investigating the players when the SAT has to do this and not the state government, but for footballers it's the first time I see a state government sending out audits to the players," he said.

Kuri Grajales was very actively seen in the halls of the stadium Luis & # 39; Pirata & # 39; Fuente in the game Veracruz vs. Lobos in the Apertura 2017, a situation that was not allowed by the suspension he received from the Liga Bancomer. of several people who were in the corridors of the Veracruzanos scenario, ensure that the owner was very active with the commissioner in the case of the uniforms that delayed the start of the race to 20 minutes.

Edgardo Codesal, after being attacked by the president of Tiburones de Veracruz. Imago7

During the game of Sharks versus Leon, in January 2016, the expulsion of Daniel Villalva caused, first, Kuri to eat. He will be Edgardo Codesal, director of the FMF Arbitration Commission, who was in the next box, do not insult. Then he gave him two strong blows on the shoulder and later he pulled his hair, while the people in both boxes tried to calm things down. Nevertheless, at the end of the meeting, Fidel Kuri asked Codesal to continue with his claim. Because of this situation, Kuri received a one-year suspension from Liga Bancomer.

At the end of the match between Puebla and Veracruz, in the tunnel leading to the stadium of the Cuauhtémoc Stadium and where the Mixed zone when the games end, Fidel Kuri Grajales physically attacked a reporter from Poblano. "We are friends, football unites us, but they have left us with 10 people There is nothing wrong, welcome to Puebla, see you in Veracruz, Daddy, that's why I love you because you do not have a guy … taxi … ", said the owner of Tiburones, who was punished for another eight months.

At the end of the meeting between Tiburones and Monterrey, the owner of the jarocho team came to court. to celebrate it with the players and to thank the fans who accompanied the team in the triumph over Rayados at the Luis & # 39; Pirata & # 39; Fuente Stadium, something he could not do because of being suspended after attacking Edgardo Codesal, former director of the Arbitration Commission, in January 2016.

The clubs of Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz and Tigres had an argument in the building in Boca del Río, Veracruz, in which the owner and deputy said it is because they do not send him the necessary elements to protect the integrity of the attendees. He also asked André-Pierre Gignac to return to France.

It was in October 2013 when Kuri walked on the field of the Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium in the calm of the match against América. A picture, which has become viral in Twitter shows the businessman and politician lifting his right arm and pointing his middle finger to the podium. Later, the Tiburones account showed the same picture, which was reportedly the true one, with Fidel being seen with his thumb up.

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