From Local Complicates, defeat the permanence of Arica Team in First B

San Marcos de Arica had a hard fall against Rangers in the Carlos Dittborn Stadium.

The defeat with 2 goals against 1 keeps the brave in the last place of the championship of the first B, and for now the number one candidate to descend to the second professional division of Chilean football.

As in all local games that remain, it was essential to keep or beat the 3 points that are a bit higher and leave the uncomfortable last place. Unfortunately, Hernán Godoy loses his first match at the Carlos Dittborn Stadium and the danger of the descent is still latent.

Goals of Rangers

When they played 10 minutes in the match, the Arican defense could not get the ball out of their territory and in the middle of the non-coordination of the back, Nicolás Canales seemed to score the first goal of Rangers.

With 31 minutes played, the visitors increased their lead with Diego Pezoa's score, after a quick counterattack that made the defense of nortinos a miss.

San Marcos

In the second phase, San Marcos improved possession of the ball closer to Nicolás Peric's portico, but the red and black defenders were very alert to the attacks from heaven.

Five minutes before time defender Alejandro Delfino takes Nino Rojas out of the sixteen meters and referee Claudio Aranda takes the penalty. Matias Jaime took charge of the ball and scored the rebate for the brave.

The Aricans lost this meeting because of their own mistakes, which the strangers used.

With this result, San Marcos de Arica remains with 22 units in the last position of the Primera B-table, while Rangers de Talca climbs to the sixth place with 33 points.

The next game of San Marcos will be on Saturday, September 22 at 4:00 PM when Santiago Morning is visited in the La Pintana stadium. Next week there is no date for national holidays.

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