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The coach of Manchester City, the Spaniards Pep Guardiola, recognized his intention to succeed in leading a national team in the futureas long as you have that chance.

I will coach a team if I get the chance. Insurances. I would like, if you want me and if that is the case, I am determined to train a team. You have to try and you always have that point of curiosity, "Guardiola said in an interview with Movistar +'s" Universo Valdano "program.

The current coach of Manchester City, former coach of Barcelona and Bayern Munich, watched his sport career since his beginning as a player. He said that on the horizon he had the idea to return to where he started, in the lower categories of Barcelona. But also his hope for leading a team.

Guardiola does not understand his professional life without Johan Cruyff. It was his presence with the glasses "Rayban y cagabas & # 39; It was the charisma. If you were not according to the street. I do not know why. The same is that when they tell you from the age of sixteen that you are the best in the world and that you believe it … Many of the theories he said, they did not believe, but he made you believe it was, "explained Guardiola .

The current coach of Manchester City emphasized the change in the Barça entity through the arrival of Cruyff. Especially with regard to Real Madrid.

We saw the Quinta del Bruite which is the best Madrid I have ever seen. It was a joy to see them play. They won five consecutive divisions. We were happy because Sacchi Milan had eliminated them from Europe. We were happy Cruijff has changed us. I saw Madrid and it told us that we were better. A self-esteem that brought us up He gave us faith. For example in those competitions of Tenerife. He told us that Madrid would lose on Tenerife. Everything was a strategy, "Pep Guardiola revealed.

Former coach of Barcelona and Bayern Munich he realized that he wanted to become a coach "with 26 or 27 years I thought I wanted to train. I went to Italy because it was the most important competition at that time. I wanted to go to England, but it did not matter, "Guardiola said, praising Roberto Baggio" one of the most incredible players I've ever seen ".

Sacchi changed Italian football a bit and now also Sarri. From Italy I learned how the country lives. Before it was defensive, physical, offensive, everything in departments. It was a cool competition, that neighborhood happening … I had a great time, "said Guardiola, who wanted to start his technical career at Barcelona's youth base.

What I wanted to train was the basic football of Barcelona. But it would start with the cadet or with the child. I have always thought about standing for 18 children. I will end again where I started. My last steps will be in the quarry of Barcelona. For starters, it is the best. There are no lights, no press, you have games and long weeks, time to analyze what you have done right and wrong "

In the team of Third Division of Barcelona he discovered Sergio Busquets. "Messi said after three days of training with him:" I like it. "He is a midfielder, he does everything for the people around him, I told him that he will find himself in trouble, he is the kind of midfielder he plays."

Guardiola assumes that he has exceeded expectations as a technician. He revealed that Diego Pablo Simeone, before joining Atlético Madrid, attended one of his training sessions on one occasion and did not like it.

We have won a lot. It gives me a certain modesty to talk about this, about what we have achieved. Simeone when he was in Argentina came to visit us, before Atlético Madrid. He came to see us training. We talked and he told me. I do not like this. I'm not sorry And I loved it. That is what matters. With the Cholo they play their teams the way they want and it is just as good as my teams play as I want, "continued Guardiola, who acknowledges that he generates love or hatred without average conditions.

There are people who love me a lot and someone who does not love me at all. The same is due to the way I express myself or move or position myself, which I think. I do not know I will end my coaching career without being in intermediate positions, "he said.

Guardiola underlined the turn that German football has made, what he has experienced for three years, was for the contribution of especially Jurgen Klinsman and Joachim Low. "It's a very well organized competition, Campos is always full and it's not just football, football ends and people go to the cinema and the theater, they go to the stadium with one team," said the Spanish coach, who also emphasized the character of the English follower.

Guardiola spoke about Philip Lahm. which he took from the side to place him midfielder. "We discovered him playing in a positional game, observing how he was able to receive and move," and also of his current footballer in the city of Kevin De Bruyne. "It is very good, it is very dynamic, it does everything, it is an extraordinary guy, his clause is 250 million, it is not for sale."


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