Hamilton hits Ferrari in Italy and escapes the lead

The English won in a race that seemed favorable to Raikkonen and Vettel and where the strategy of the teams had the upper hand. The Finn finished second and the German finished fourth.

It was all given for Ferrari to reach his first one-two home in almost 14 years. The only one who could prevent it was Hamilton, although his chances were lower given that he was third, just behind Raikkonen and Vettel. And won. The Briton stormed Monza and ruined the party to the tifosi who expected a red victory.

Everything went through the courage of Vettel in the first corner, when he tried to pass his partner and take the lead of the race. His bet ended when he crashed Hamilton and remained in the last position, while the English did not suffer any damage. The victory was practically excluded.

When the German started his comeback, Raikkonen was in charge. He broke fast laps and ran away from Hamilton, who drove in a reasonably conservative way. Yes, without allowing the Finn to escape.

In round 21 Kimi made his first and only stop, which defined the race and the victory of Hamilton. He changed the super soft to soft and came out behind the British and Bottas. The Stevenage resident started a hard acceleration to beat Iceman when it was his turn, but lost his chance. The Englishman did not know that Bottas would help him to delay Kimmi, to spend his tires, and at 45th Hamilton could outpace a Finn who could no longer use his tires.

That is how Hamilton got his first place in the World Cup and recovered from the hit that was incurred in Spa.

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