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The previous days we expected a great meeting at the Estadio Libertadores de América, where Independiente Santos. Both teams, however, had a debt and played a fiercer game than played, which ended with a scoreless equality, to the grief of the public.

The game started with a lot of intensity on the side of Santos, a team that tried to take at least one goal for the second stage, but their pressure was only focused on intentions, because there were no clear results. the & # 39; Red Devils & # 39; they felt the punch of the style imposed by the visit and it became noticeable in many of the 90 minutes.

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The lines of the Brazilian team, with no spaces to give and well-ordered, more in the second part, forced Independiente to play without much football creation. Loading the minute before had an effect on the terrain and Emmanuel Gigliotti He wasted a clear shot at goal (70 & # 39;), but sent it over the goal.

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Dodo was eliminated from the field in the 82nd minute and from then on Independiente tried to cause damage, mainly due to the ball stopped thanks to the good performance of the Chilean Fancisco Silva. This, however, only served to make Vanderlei, keeper of Santos, figure. Equality 0-0 and key is open for the return.

LAST: Independiente 0-0 Santos

90 + 6 & # 39; Foul in favor of Santos, in the midfield.

90 + 5 & # 39; Center from the corner, leaving the area. New load and ends Meza connecting head. Almost the first of Independiente arrives.

90 + 4 & # 39; Free kick for Independiente. F. Silva shoots directly to the goal, but keeper Vanderlei clears.

90 + 3 & # 39; Free kick for Independiente. Dirt against Hernandez.

90 + 2 & # 39; Pelotazo de Hernández (Independiente) and almost a target chance.

90 + 1 & # 39; The referee counts for 6 minutes.

90 & # 39; Free photo that no one makes and generates a number of rebounds.

89 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: G. Silva sanctioned.

88 & # 39; Game stopped for a few seconds due to an injury from the goalkeeper.

86 & # 39; Free kick charged by Silva (Independiente). The referee punishes a violation and the danger in the Santos area disappears.

85 & # 39; Past middle, but Benítez avoids danger. It will come with independence.

84 & # 39; Despite the inferiority in the field, Santos remains in the opposite field.

83 & # 39; Center from the corner in favor of Independiente. It generates no danger.

82 & # 39; Independent numerical superiority in the last minutes. They should benefit.

81 & # 39; RED CARD: Dodo (Santos) ejected by a double yellow.

80 & # 39; Good pass to the right area. There is no danger.

79 & # 39; CHANGE IN SANTOS: Ruiz comes in for Carlos Sánchez.

78 & # 39; Match stopped while keeper Vanderlei received medical attention.

77 & # 39; UFFF! Head of Burdisso. The goalie Vanderlei saves and when Gigliotti defines his goal, he commits a foul.

77 & # 39; CHANGE IN INDEPENDENT: Verón comes in through Cerutti

76 & # 39; UFFF! Francisco Silva shoots, but goalkeeper Vanderlei steers the corner.

75 & # 39; Repeated attempts by Independiente, but it is not possible to arrive at danger.

74 & # 39; Constant errors in the game.

73 & # 39; Carlos Sanchez (Santos) tried to qualify for the right field. Born before you get it.

72 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Martín Campaña (Independent) sanctioned to claim.

71 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Dodo (Santos) warned.

70 & # 39; UFFF! Gigliotti (Independiente) got the chance to score the first in the small space, but he shoots over the goal.

69 & # 39; CHANGE IN SANTOS: Bruno Henrique retires and Sasha comes in.

68 & # 39; González (Santos) only attacked. The three-man symbol ensures that the danger game ends.

67 & # 39; Centro de Meza (Independent) twice higher. The defense disappears without problems.

66 & # 39; B. Romero combined with Gigliotti, but the marker makes the game back.

65 & # 39; Independent of the ball, without spaces to cause damage.

64 & # 39; Francisco Silva shoots long distance. It generates no danger in the Santos area.

63 & # 39; New center of Carlos Sánchez. The ball goes into the hands of the keeper Campaña.

62 & # 39; Center to the first stick that defends the Red Devils & # 39; distracts to the corner.

61 & # 39; Corner for Santos.

60 & # 39; Fall from the left to the right of Independiente, but the last shot from Meza does not lead well.

59 & # 39; Game locked, without much football.

58 & # 39; Foul against Gigliotti (Independiente) in a counterattack.

57 & # 39; Santos winning meters with lateral serves.

56 & # 39; Independently trying to get meters in the opposite field, but he does not understand it clearly.

55 & # 39; CHANGE IN SANTOS: Gonzalez for Rodrygo.

54 & # 39; Game stopped by foul against Rodrygo.

53 & # 39; Arrival of Santos, but the ball is managed without problems by Campaign.

51 & # 39; Duel fought in the middle of the field.

50 & # 39; The match has the same tone as the first part. Santos is a bit more dangerous.

49 & # 39; Gabriel Barbosa stole the ball and moved with danger, but lost the ball when he reached the area.

48 # YELLOW CARD: Cerutti (Independiente) sanctioned by strong access to the edge of the opposite area.

47 & # 39; Free-kick for Independiente: Centro de Meza, but the keeper saves it.

46 & # 39; UFFF! Almost the first of Independiente arrives. Brítez sent a toxic center to the small area and the defense managed to save.

45 & # 39; Start the second 45 minutes.

RELAXATION: Independent 0-0 Santos

45 & # 39; The referee adds 1 minute to the game.

44 & # 39; Foul against Meza (Independiente). Free throw in three quarters of the track.

43 & # 39; Independent with the ball forward from the center of the playing field.

42 & # 39; Free kick for Independiente. It is loaded with a change from the front to the left, but there is no receiver.

41 & # 39; Back Santos, with intelligence. He gives the ball to Independiente, who was unable to generate danger.

40 & # 39; UFFF! Burdisso (Independiente) surprises with a shot from the edge of the area. The ball passes near the left post of the goalkeeper.

39 & # 39; Meza (Independent) makes a good feint, but eventually loses his balance. Free kick

38 & # 39; Touches without transcendence from Independiente.

36 & # 39; Independiente finds no spaces in the rival field. It stops Santos well.

35 & # 39; They follow the cuts in the meeting due to constant errors.

34 & # 39; Francisco Silva tries to qualify Gigliotti with a cross between the lines, but he does not reach his destination.

33 & # 39; Gigliotti (Independent) provokes the rivals. For now he has had no clear target movement.

32 & # 39; Regardless of the ball from his field.

31 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Lucas Veríssimo (Santos) makes mistakes and is punished.

30 & # 39; Complicated match for the referee. Constant cuts on mistakes and that you must check to avoid being frightened.

29 & # 39; Santos has left better impressions so far.

28 & # 39; Free kick for Santos. Rodrygo is willing to play, but the game does not progress

27 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Bustos (Independiente) gets a warning by keeping the ball on with a counter-meticulous hand.

26 & # 39; UFFF! Arrival with danger from Santos. Rodrygo gets a pass from Carlos Sánchez, but he does not define well.

25 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Francisco Silva (Independiente) warned of lack of civil society.

24 & # 39; Burdisso has to leave the pitch to be treated. Independent with 10 men for now.

23 & # 39; Bruno Henrique (Santos) scored Burdisso dangerous. The game has stopped.

22 & # 39; Last center that connects with the left leg Braian Romero (Independiente). The ball passes.

21 & # 39; Cerutti (Independiente) had a serious mistake on the side of Rodrygo. Free admission for the local population.

20 & # 39; UFFF! Meza (Independiente) controls a ball and hits it in the air. Goalkeeper Vanderlei bends the corner with just enough.

19 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Carlos Sanchez warned of lack of midfield.

18 & # 39; Arrival of Santos, but Gabriel Barbosa is stopped in three courtrooms.

17 & # 39; Santos high pressure, again. It almost caused the mistake of the Campaign's goalkeeper.

16 & # 39; Foul to Gustavo Henrique (Santos). Free kick near the middle of the track.

15 & # 39; Center from the corner that connects Meza. The ball passes the right corner of the goalkeeper. Almost the first for Independiente arrives.

14 & # 39; Cerutti (Independiente) sent a cross from the right, but the visitors' defenders stuck to the corner.

13 & # 39; Free kick for Santos, in the middle of the track.

12 & # 39; Rodrygo (Santos) seems to leave two rivals on the road, on the edge of the area. His feints are not enough and he eventually loses the ball.

11 & # 39; The output of Independiente is not neat due to the constant rival pressure.

10 & # 39; Independent turns the ball from one side to the other, from his field.

09 & # 39; Lack of precision in Independiente to make good short passes.

08 & # 39; Pablo Hernández gets on the field of Santos, on the left. Try a pass to the band, but it is not right.

07 & # 39; Independent He can not overcome the queue in the middle of the runway.

06 & # 39; The game has been developed in the area of ​​Independiente. Good minutes from Santos.

05 & # 39; Dodo (Santos) tries to filter a pass for Gabriel, but the defense reads the piece well.

04 & # 39; Progress of Gigliotti. Will come out with dominated Santos.

03 & # 39; Independiente does not have a long ball. Press your exit.

02 & # 39; Santos high pressure in the first minutes.

01 & # 39; Start the game, Independiente with the obligation to achieve a good result at home.

Both teams have already confirmed the line-ups that they will use tonight.


XI independent: campaign; Bustos, Brítez, Burdisso, G. Silva, Meza, F. Silva, P. Hernández, Cerutti, Gigliotti and B. Romero.

XI Santos: Vanderlei; Víctor Ferraz, Lucas Veríssimo, Gustavo Henrique, Dodo, Alison, Carlos Sánchez, Diego Pituca, Rodrygo, Gabriel and Bruno Henrique.


Independent versus Santos is facing Tuesday, August 21 (7:45 PM / Peruvian time) at the Estadio Libertadores de América, for the first stage of the round of 16 Libertadores Cup. Follow the incidents LIVING and LIVING by Fox Sports and the minute after minute you can follow ONLINE by

Win the 8th time Libertadores Cup after 34 years is a challenge independent, while Santos He hopes to give a definitive boost to his football performance, which lasted until last weekend in the descent zone of the Brasileirao.

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The game, which had to be played two weeks ago, was postponed was postponed due to the dispute by the Argentine club of the eleventh edition of the Suruga bank, which won in Osaka on August 8 after defeating 0-0 vs. the Japanese Cerezo Osaka.

Ariel Holan can not have his eleven type for the Independent versus Santos because of the suspension worn by Alan Franco and Nicolás Figal. Guillermo Burdisso and Gastón Silva appear as their substitutes.

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In the meantime, Silvio Romero and Martín Benítez are presenting physical inconveniences, so Ezequiel Cerutti and Pablo Hernández are really winning the eleven. independent.

Santos comes to this match, which as central referee will have the Peruvian Diego Haro, strengthened in the paranormal part with a 3-0 blow that gave Sport Recife. This result distanced the & # 39; Peixe & # 39; of relegation places in the Brasileirao.

The team coached by Cuca will not be able to count for injury to defender Luiz Felipe, but with his new reinforcements for the knock-out stages of the Libertadores Cup, the Uruguayan Carlos Sánchez, the Costa Rican Ruiz and the Paraguayan Derlis González.

The second stage will be played next Tuesday in the Pacaembú stadium and the winner will face the winner of the series between River Plate and Racing Club.

Probable alignments of the independent vs. Santos:

independent: campaign; Bustos, Burdisso, Gastón Silva, Sánchez Miño; Francisco Silva, Pablo Hernández, Gaibor; Meza, Gigliotti, Benítez.

Santos: Vanderlei, Victor Ferraz, Lucas Verissimo, Gustavo Henrique, Dodô; Renato (Alison), Carlos Sanchez, Pituca (Bryan Ruiz); Rodrygo, Gabigol, Bruno Henrique.

Schedules of independent Santos:

Peru, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador: 19.45 hours
Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Nicaragua: 18.45 hours.
Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Puerto Rico: 20:45
Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile: 21.45 hours.
Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Portugal: 14.00 hours (Thursday)

Channel guide for the independent vs. Santos:

Argentina: Fox Sports South Cone, FOX Play Latin America
Bolivia: Fox Sports Southern Cone
Brazil: Fox Sports
Chile: Fox Sports South Cone, FOX Play Latin America
Colombia: Fox Sports South Cone, FOX Play Latin America, Fox Sports Colombia
Costa Rica: FOX Play Latin America
Dominican Republic: FOX Play Latin America
Ecuador: FOX Play. Latin America, Fox Sports Southern Cone
El Salvador: FOX Play Latin America
Guatemala: FOX Play Latin America
Honduras: FOX Play. Latin America
Mexico: FOX Play Latin America
Nicaragua: FOX Play Latin America
Panama: FOX Play Latin America
Paraguay: Fox Sports Southern Cone
Peru: FOX Play Latin America, Fox Sports Southern Cone
Trinidad and Tobago: FOX Play Latin America
United States: FOX Soccer Match Pass, FOX Sports
Uruguay: FOX Play Latin America, Fox Sports Uruguay, Fox Sports Southern Cone
Venezuela: FOX Play Latin America


If you want to continue on the internet, then the Independent vs. Santos, Lí will broadcast from minute to minute with all incidents of the match and goals immediately. You can also see the summary and goals at the end of the game.

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