Paolo Guerrero: what you need to know about your sanction

August 23, 2018 6:45 PM.

A series of questions is generated as a result of the activation of Paolo Guerrero's suspension, which must complete the remaining 8 months that it was applied by the Arbitration Court of Sport (TAS) for positive anti-doping control.

Below we answer some questions that fans ask about the situation of the Inter-spire from Porto Alegre.

When can Guerrero play again?

From 23 April 2019. The Peruvian has already served six of the 14 months suspension of the fine applied by the TAS. That is why eight months of inactivity remain.

Can you train for Inter during the suspension?

No, the anti-doping rules of FIFA prevent the athlete from working even in the club building until 45 days before the end of the sentence, as happened in Flamengo. This way the Peruvian can train from March in the CT of the Giant Park.

How is the contractual situation of the athlete with Inter?

In case of revocation of the suspensive effect, during the occurrence of the event, the link of the athlete with the club is also suspended during the period of validity of the absence of the courts, with extension of the link. That is to say: Guerrero & # 39; s contract with Colorado lasts until March 2022. The player will be 38 years old at the end of the link.

Will Inter salaries pay to Guerrero during the suspension?

No. The clauses added to the contract suspend the payment of the wages in case of withdrawal of the suspensory effect.

Has Inter been officially informed about the decision?

No. The club's legal department is still awaiting official notification from the responsible authorities to determine how to proceed in the case. Until now, only the athlete's defense received contact.

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