Racing and the Zuculini case: the summary of a hectic day that can mean a break in the Conmebol

The official complaint from Racing arrived at the offices of the Conmebol in Luque, Paraguay, this Friday afternoon, after the lawyers of the Academy had spent a few hours writing an extensive document that, as a first step, wants to twist the decision initial of the non-approval of River for the poor recording of Bruno Zuculini.

It was the reaction of the institution of Avellaneda, which was beaten after the Conmebol, during the dawn of the morning and in an unfeasible maneuver, a statement in which it forgave the Millionaire. The reason? That the claim was not submitted within 24 hours after the game. And although he recognized in the same report that River was wrong, he did not work on his own initiative.

CLAIM. Racing wants the classification.
CLAIM. Racing wants the classification.

Víctor Blanco, president of the Academy, raised the bar and recognized that his club was looking for the winning series because River Zuculini used in seven cup games, when he had not finished his sentence yet.

In the document sent to Paraguay, next to that claim is the second option that determines the triumph of the Academy with 3 to 0. If the Conmebol's answer is negative, Racing will go to the TAS (Sports Court of Arbitration) to continue with the complaints.

Zuculini. The midfielder hugs with Scocco.
Zuculini. The midfielder hugs with Scocco.

What disturbs Racing managers is the refusal of the Conmebol to act ex officio, as with other clubs. The case of Independiente is one: everything indicates that in the coming hours the sanction will be known to Santos for the unnecessary participation of the Uruguayan Carlos Sánchez. The team of Ariel Holan would, as far as is known, travel to Brazil with an advantage of 3 to 0.

Independiente Santa Fe de Bogotá, another rival of River during this Copa Libertadores, also plans to file a claim for the Zuculini case. "We prepare legal action against Conmebol, they act on their own initiative when it suits them, Racing is right about what they do: leaving out the confederation is great", Juan Andrés Carreño, president of the Colombian institution, shot down.

PRESS. He has uploaded Racing to his social networks.
PRESS. He has uploaded Racing to his social networks.

Are there any chances that they will get River out of the Cup? Although the Conmebol does not have any type of parameter, the Academy's claim would not have too much force. In anticipation of the return, which will be played in the Monumental stadium on Wednesday, Racing knows very well that the maneuvering period is too short. For now expect an answer for Monday. Maybe on Tuesday.

The keys to understanding the novel

1-When he still played in Racing, Bruno Zuculini was kicked out in the second round of the 2013 Copa Sudamericana against Lanús. He received four suspension dates for verbal override against referee Patricio Loustau.

2– Some time later Zuculini went to Europe and could not meet the suspension dates that he owed for Conmebol competitions. In 2016, with the enormous reduction of fines, the sanction was set in two games.

3-A long tour of the old continent, Zuculini joined the river in January this year. The midfielder believed that his suspension was no longer valid.

4– February 6, the institution of Núñez sent a letter to Conmebol to see if Zuculini had yet to make an appointment. From Paraguay the answer, six days later, was very clear: no.

5-Zuculini was then included in the quotes for the Copa Libertadores. Although he was disabled, he participated in seven conversations with the millionaire.

6– Shortly after Independiente had lodged a complaint about the bad inclusion of Carlos Sánchez, it appeared that Zuculini in fact still owed two suspension terms. The investigation into the case of the Uruguayan unleashed in the novel by the footballer of River.

7-Racing, for that scenario, the Conmebol asked to act on its own initiative and, if necessary, to sanction the river.

8-River, concerned about the situation, leaked his defensive strategy: the letter in which Conmebol assured him that Zuculini had not been suspended.

9– Around one o'clock on Friday morning Conmebol gave his verdict: there was no penalty for River, which Zuculini alone can not use for the next two games. The statement explains that Racing did not submit the claim in time (24 hours after the game to do so).

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