Recorded in Argentina by the "Tiger" Muñoz

The record reached by the arquero of Universidad de Concepción, Cristian Muñoz, Who reduced his 17th penalty in the weekend since he played in Chile, crossed borders and arrived in Argentina.

"He is the last player to have shared a team with Maradona and is still active, and this Sunday he got an impressive score", Published the popular trans-Andean media Olé.

Do not forget that the "Tiger" he got a penalty for Cristian Canio in the weekend duel between the "Campanile" and Sports Temuco, the match that ended 0-0 and that meant that the important record had to be closed.

"He matched a historical as Sergio Livingstone in 17 penalties taken in Chilean football (one of them to Marcelo Salas). So he finished fourth behind Daniel Chirinos (29), Nicolás Peric (20) and Leopoldo Vallejos (18)"He added Olé.

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