San Lorenzo vs. Nacional LIVE LIVE LIVE STREAM via FOX SPORTS for the eighth finals of the Copa Sudamericana

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San Lorenzo vs National [MINUTO A MINUTO]

53 & # 39; High pressure from San Lorenzo. Mouche got the ball, but was in an advanced position.

51 & # 39; Sale of Senesi (San Lorenzo), when the ball had no owner in a quarter of the job.

50 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Coloccini (San Lorenzo) makes a serious offense against Fernández.

49 & # 39; Mouche (San Lorenzo) receives the ball at the edge of the box. Very bad shot, that goes over the arch.

48 & # 39; Start with a lot of national intensity, look for the discount.

47 & # 39; UFFF! Navarro (San Lorenzo) makes a few good interventions. Remove Bergessio & # 39; s goal.

46 & # 39; UFFF! Shot of Aguiar (national). The ball passes very close to the right post of the goalkeeper.

45 & # 39; Start the race again in the Copa Sudamericana.

RELAXATION: San Lorenzo 2-0 National

45 & # 39; San Lorenzo with the ball under his control.

43 & # 39; Competition becomes difficult and locked at these times.

42 & # 39; Free kick for Nacional. The center of Viudez has no receiver.

42 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Pereyra (San Lorenzo) gives an error.

41 & # 39; Pass between the rows to Blandi (San Lorenzo). Determine with a hat, but charge advanced position.

40 & # 39; San Lorenzo Now manage the playing time.

39 & # 39; Bergessio (San Lorenzo) comes on the right, but has no company.

38 & # 39; National can not advance with danger to find the discount.

37 & # 39; Mouche center (San Lorenzo) from the corner. The control of the keeper.

36 & # 39; Corner for San Lorenzo.

34 & # 39; Viudez (Nacional) tries a center from the left. Only one side wins.

33 & # 39; It was armed against San Lorenzo, but is cut close to the area.


31 & # 39; Viudez (Nacional) tries to avert the ball but the goalie clears it.

30 & # 39; Good pass to Blandi. It governs and when it would define it, it is sanctioned with an advanced position.

29 & # 39; Blandi (San Lorenzo) tries to shoot from the right. The brand prevents it.

28 & # 39; Shot by Viudez (Nacional), but the goalkeeper sends to the corner.

27 & # 39; National tries to find spaces, impossible for now.

25 & # 39; UFFF! San Lorenzo misses the second goal. Pereyra eats the goal under the goal.

24 & # 39; Botta (San Lorenzo) centers from the left, but does not reach his destination.

23 & # 39; Viudez (Nationaal) tries to open the game on the left. The pass is very bad.

22 & # 39; Income from Fernandez (national), but Coloccini cuts it.

21 & # 39; Aguiar (Nacional) tries to score on the right but is not getting a good result.

20 & # 39; National now with the need to find the badger.

18 & # 39; SAN LORENZO GOOOAAA! Reniero generates the goal against the visitors.

17 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Fucile (Nacional) is warned of lack.

16 & # 39; Viudez (National) tries to call in Bergessio, but does not have a correct address.

15 & # 39; The game is divided between the dominators with the ball.

14 & # 39; No clear situations at the moment.

13 & # 39; The idea of ​​National is a general danger of the bands.

11 & # 39; The party had two different courts. Nationally dominated, but now San Lorenzo.

10 & # 39; Control over the San Lorenzo contest now, but it generates no danger with clarity.

08 & # 39; San Lorenzo has left the pressure he had in the first few minutes.

06 & # 39; Center for Blandi (San Lorenzo), but can not connect.

05 & # 39; San Lorenzo waits in his field, withdrawn.

04 & # 39; Nacional manages the game at the beginning.

03 & # 39; National with control over the ball. Aguiar changes head for Hernandez, who comes to the finish line. Switch off midway

02 & # 39; Free kick on the midfield for Nacional.

01 & # 39; Start the race in the Tour of 16 first stage of the Copa Sudamericana.

Some statistical data prior to the start of the meeting.

This contest is valid for the first round of the Copa Sudamericana.


XI San Lorenzo: Navarro; Salazar, Coloccini, Senesi, Pereyra; Poblete, A. Rojas; Botta, Mouche, Reniero and Blandi.

XI National: Conde; Fucile, García, Erramuspe, Espino; Zunino, Oliva, Aguiar, Viudez, Bergessio and Fernández.


The San Lorenzo team will be measured on Wednesday, August 22nd against Nacional de Uruguay in the Estadio Pedro Bidegaín (Federal capital, city of Buenos Aires) at 5.30 pm Peruvian time LIVE ONLINE LIVE STREAM for the eighth finals of the Copa Sudamericana, which is broadcast by Fox Sports.

San Lorenzo came to this key after knocking at home with 2-1 and falling to visit Sport Temuco from Chile with 1-0. The defense power of the team led by Claudio Dario Biaggio was the key so that the southern team can not violate it by defended goal Nicolas Gastón Navarro.

YOU CAN SEE: Luis Aguiar and his tough statements after the departure of champion at Nacional

The eventful meeting took place after the CONMEBOL it will fail in favor of the Argentinean group after he knows that the southern picture has registered the footballer irregularly Jonathan Requenawho was on the list of Defense and justice. The determination of the entity marked for the team of New gas meter the score of 3-0.

Nicolás Blandi is one of the most important of the club azulgrana. He leads – temporarily – the scorers table of the gaucho tournament and also helped to defeat with so much Sport Temuco.

On the other hand, the Uruguayan national team is tighter: from the last 12 matches only a draw was given and the others were victories. With an average of 1.9 goals per game, the Eastern club starts as a favorite for the match in Buenos Aires.

DO NOT MISS IT: San Lorenzo lost 1-0 with Deportes Temuco for the return of the Copa Sudamericana [RESUMEN Y GOL]

The strategist Alexander Medina It does not jump back, but it will not be damaging to make the balls burst to place a hill to the arch of the Panamanian Luis Mejía. Sebastián Fernández part as main figure, which supplements itself with the other battering ram, Leandro Barcia.

Nacional of Uruguay advanced in the round after defeating Sol de América with a lone goal from the midfielder Matías Zunino. The Uruguayan team had numerous chances to win more comfortably, but the lack of efficiency enabled goalkeeper Ortiz to be the figure of that encounter.


San Lorenzo: Nicolás Navarro; Gonzalo Rodríguez, Víctor Salazar, Gabriel Rojas, Marcos Senesi; Ariel Rojas, Bautista Merlini, Franco Moyano, Pablo Mouche; Nicolás Blandi and Nicolás Reniero.

Technical director: Claudio Biaggio.

national: Luis Mejía; Marcos Angeleri, Rodrigo Erramuspe, Luis Espino, Guillermo Cotugno; Gonzalo Castro, Sebastián Rodriguez, Christian Oliva, Gonzalo Bergessio; Leandro Barcia, Sebastián Fernández.

Technical director: Alexander Medina.


date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

time: 17:30 (Peruvian time)

scenario: Pedro Bidegaín Stadium, Buenos Aires.


On the internet will broadcast all incidents of the match between San Lorenzo and Nacional de Uruguay from minute to minute. Moreover, you can see the summary at the end of the game.

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